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Who We Are

Green Line Company is a leading Saudi company specialized in organizing and holding various entertainment events. Green Line Company pays great attention to the details of the work which ensure providing the highest level of quality performance. Also, pursuit of permanent excellence in order to reach a different, enjoyable and successful experience with customers in each event.


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We are the best

Green Line Event and Entertainment Company Forum

Abdullah al-Mukhles


I address you as a representative of Green Line Entertainment To move towards a promising future in the field of organizing recreational and sports events in general and the field of marathons and races on the road in particular we have a past and a long legacy full of achievements that push us towards a bright future our ambition embraces the sky.

We strive in our company to provide our professional and distinguished efforts because of our innovative plans and qualified cadres to achieve this on the ground, and to reflect the ability of Saudi Arabia to hold events in all its different forms in order to achieve the kingdom's vision for 2030, a vision that we are fully confident will move our dear country to the prospects of development, progress and prosperity.

The work we do

  • Event Industry
  • Cultural Events
  • Sports Events
  • Tourism Events
  • Official Events
  • Educational Events

Event Industry

We strive to provide various entertainment events in all its forms and provide innovative and professional events to satisfy our valued customers and make them in the forefront, and the events we currently offer:

  • Conferences and meetings
  • We organize all conferences and meetings professionally because of our professional team working and specialized in this field offers you a unique and impressive vision of your conference and meeting from planning to becoming a reality on the ground

  • Exhibitions
  • Green Line Entertainment Company seeks to develop the organization of various exhibitions and present exhibitions in a bright form and unique form that keeps pace with modernity and development, and we present our vision and summary of our expertise to the valued customers to hold successful exhibitions in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

  • Events and festivals
  • Green Line Entertainment Company is interested since its inception to provide various events to its valued customers uniquely and dazzlingly so we find it offers its vision to its customers to be the management of the event carries its mark, which is a feature of success and excellence, and in proportion to what was stated in Saudi Vision 2030, a unique and ambitious transformational economic and social reform plan, aimed at opening Saudi Arabia to the world, enriching the lives of Saudi citizens and realizing the tremendous potential of the Kingdom, Accordingly, we have to strive to contribute to the success of Vision 2030. Our services are not limited to one type of events but we are partners in all kinds of entertainment events and celebrations for our customers and contribute to the success of the events and festivals to be held, God willing, in Saudi Arabia, and we continue to persevere to provide the best in the field of organizing entertainment events and festivals of all kinds.

Cultural Events

Due to the position of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia great and active at the regional and international level and to enhance its high status and to make culture as a lifestyle for the individual in Saudi Arabia, we pride ourselves in green line company for events to take care of the heritages with our competencies we offer and design and create an experience for the best cultural events, to flourish Saudi Arabia with different types of culture to promote national identity and encourage cultural dialogue in the world, through the development, design and organization of cultural festivals and events.

Sports Events

We strive in the Green Line of events to achieve excellence and uniqueness in the establishment of various sports events local and international through the provision of quality sports events that enjoy competitiveness to improve and develop the sports environment for young people and athletes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so we persevere and strive through our qualified, empowered and experienced Our cadres to innovate, develop and organize sports events with local and international experiences.

Tourism Events

Saudi Arabia is a tourist destination and a beacon of culture and heritage and there is a growing desire to get to know its tourist attractions, heritage and unique culture, and after the directions of the Kingdom to stimulate tourism we have to persevere to provide tourism in a new and modern dress that keeps pace with international developments and jump the tourism experience with events and organize festivals and improve the tourism experience in our country through innovation and unique design and provide professional organization that makes The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a tourist destination for tourists from all over the world.

Official Events

Green Line of events looks to satisfy its valued customers through the industry of success, and put its customers in the category of excellence, so we start planning and core and then we move to put it into effect, and we supervise the official events of our customers by applying the highest standards of quality in order to possess the accumulated experiences we have gained and through our distinguished cadres

Educational Events

The Green Line of Events strives to provide an exceptional experience unique to the events and activities of the educational sector by organizing various events, festivals and tournaments, which contributes to enriching the knowledge and learning of our sons and daughters in order to build a healthy, psychologically strong and healthy generation and prepare them for the industry of the promising future.

Other services we provide professionally and mastery

Sensing the Green Line of events with its duty to provide security and safety and the importance of public health in the light of the Corona pandemic for pioneers in events, so strives to provide and find the most prominent solutions to plan and design the visitor experience and implement it with solutions commensurate with the quality of the event and the target audience, as well as manage traffic operations and the registration area and tickets, also maintain safety and occupational health in the events.

We seek to provide and provide a range of technical services including professional photography with the latest available machines and means and programs of photography to document events and live broadcasting if necessary, and with the capabilities we have in the Green Line of events we can provide an integrated work of art, from the goal and the idea to the preparation and implementation to produce it as a unique work of art.

We seek to provide the best logistical support to complete your activities, from providing transportation, accommodation and travel, also take care of the finer details in logistics such as cleanliness and security and any services that complete your effectiveness and come out with a decent and professional look.

We care about the green line of events on the media and promotional side of your event, because the media considers them the most important and fastest way to communicate with the public, which makes us interested in building an integrated media system to reach all segments of the local and international community through new means of media communication, as well as by building distinctive relationships with the official media, media and social media.

We take care of good and professional planning through our qualified cadres for this and our staff develop plans and design your event according to long and accumulated experiences after studying and analysis and providing the most appropriate concept that meets the needs of your effectiveness, so to create a unique experience that is not memorable at all.